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MME (Ministry of Municipality and Environment) Engineer’s registration in Qatar l UPDA Architect Exam Qatar l Architecture Engineer Registration l MMUP UPDA Exam Training

Hunter International, Qatar is a Leader in UPDA Exam Preparation and Project Management Training provider in Qatar with Customized UPDA MMUP Architecture Exam Syllabus through rigorous coaching, High-Quality Exam Focused Study Materials and UPDA Architecture Mock Test with hands-on workout sessions from Previous Years UPDA Architecture Exam Question’s since 2012 to 2021, based on Latest Exam Pattern and Weightage on Subjects in MMUP UPDA Architecture exam in Qatar.

Hunter International’s experts Simplified your UPDA Architecture Exam Preparation with a Right & smart Preparation Strategy. Thus, Joining the Hunter International Course today to begin a structured preparation to ace the exam with ease.

This is the Smartest and best Way to Crack Your UPDA Architecture Exam on Your 1st Attempt in Qatar.

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Get the Hunter International UPDA MMUP Architecture Course for 21 Hrs. and become an MME Licensed Engineer

  • Highlights
  • Who Should Attend?
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Course and Exam Fee
  • Training will be conducted by Industry Experienced & Accredited Trainers
  • Complete ppt course presentation, pdf materials (soft copy) for refreshing the fundamental Engineering concepts will be provided to training participants
  • Chapter-wise simulation exercises will be performed during the training
  • The full-length simulation will be conducted for MMUP questions as part of the training
  • Free Re-training will be facilitated in our public training programs for No-pass participants at Hunter International’s premises by inducting them into ongoing training sessions
  • Guidance will be provided for the MME application process and submission.
  • Providing Free UPDA Certification / MMUP Certification Support for UPDA Exam in Qatar

Architects and related discipline Professionals with Bachelor degree in Architecture working in the Engineering and construction field in Qatar

  • Valid Qatar ID
  • Must be a Qatari citizen or resident in the State.
  • Must have a bachelor degree in engineering or equivalent from a university or institute.
  • Be in possession of full civil capacity.
  • Must have good track record and reputation must be never convicted of a felony or sentenced to prison for an offence involving moral turpitude or dishonesty what he has been rehabilitated.
  • To pass the tests of the technical capabilities in the field of specialization according to the conditions and controls established by a decision on the recommendation of the Committee


  • 30 Hours of Interactive Class room Training / Virtual Training
  • Complete set of UPDA Exam Preparation Study Material
  • FRQ asked UPDA Exam Questions Civil Mock Tests through Simulation Software 
  • Hands On workout Sessions during the Training 
  • Guidance through WhatsApp Groups

Value Added Benefits

  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Assistance for Application Process
  • Free Retrain for No-Pass Students
  • Industry Experienced, Certified Experts as Faculties
  • Best institute for UPDA/MMUP Engineers Exam Training
  • Leading and Professional Training Center in Qatar


  • Computer-based one-hour exam
  • The pattern of the Exam is 25 or 27 objective questions (each question has 4 or 5 options of answers)
  • Minimum Score Requirements for Passing the Exam is 13 Right Answers Out of 25 Questions and 14 Right Answers Out of 27 Questions.
  • Each right answer calculated as 4 Marks. No Negative Mark system applied in this exam 
  • Every applicant can avail of exam four chances until getting your license
  • You need to be ready with thorough preparation of your Engineering Discipline Subjects, NFPA Standards, and Project Management, etc.
  • Those who are all availing of the first exam can suppose to know the result immediately
  • Can access the system calculator when you need to work on engineering problem solutions.


  • MME is awarding grades such as trainee, A,B, C after successful completion of computer based test
  • Grade Assessment factors are experience, exam score, education background, job roles from your career profile.
  • Trainee (0 to 5 years’ experience), “C” grade (5-7 years’ experience),“B” grade (7 & above years’ experience), “A” grade (10 & above years’ experience)
  • UPDA MMUP MME license holders can renew every 3 years once obtaining license. (That moment, engineers shall request for upgrading their grade)
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